06: Creative Project – FINISH.

My creative project is FINISHED!

Both the final photographs and exegesis can be found through this link: https://cthrumylenses.wordpress.com/creative-project-exegesis/

I am interested in hearing what your thoughts are on both the issue I attempted to address and the photographs. Please comment on my exegesis page.

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05: Creative Project – Finishing touches & title?

Finishing Touches

Short list of 4 images

Short list of 4 images

I brought my four short-listed images in to class yesterday and it became clearer to me (thanks to Chris’ suggestions) that my images would work better as a series. However it appears to me that the close up portrait doesn’t seem to belong in the series of four and the “fail-handstand” picture doesn’t belong with the rest elegant-looking photographs. I decided to put out a series of two images.

Everything for this subject is due in two days. I am working on my creative project exegesis which is helping me straighten out my thoughts about the project which had gotten tangled up during the process of executing the plan (I love it when writing blogs does that!). Because of this “straightening out” a few things have became clear to me.

ONE: Message

I want to communicate that I am who I am and it’s okay that there’s no specific label attached to who I am accurately. I am not quite Indonesian nor am I Chinese or Australian.

TWO: Title

I have decided to give my series of photographs a title. Here’s a few titles I thought of:

“Cultural Identity”
My thoughts: Slightly boring?

“East meets West”
My thoughts: Essentially who I am which I want to communicate but I think I can do better…

“I am who I am”
My thoughts: If there is “you are what you eat” then why can I have this? I think this will help my series communicate what I want to communicate in the end.

I love it when everything works out.

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Sustainable Fashion

Because being a creative producer means solving problems, not creating more problems:

04: Creative Project – Post Processing: Choosing “good photos”

I am at the “choosing” stage now.

Here is all the shots I took:

Thumbnail of all the photos I took for the project

Thumbnail of all the photos I took for the project

Here’s the first short list:

First Short List

First Short List

Second short list:

Second Short List

Second Short List

From here on, I will edit all the photos from the second short list and pick the best photograph out of them. I should be able to have that done by Tuesday week 13 – ready for the in-class exhibition.

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03 – Creative Project: Step 5, Shoot.

I was finally able to actually execute this project. The photoshoot took place on Tuesday morning, 20th May 2014, at a studio with a gorgeous, female, Caucasian, blonde, size 8 model. She was very cooperative and a pleasure to work with. Photos from the session have now been downloaded on to my computer and I will be sorting through them to pick out the best photos that will communicate what I want to communicate.

I am using Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop to import, organise, sort through and edit the images so it is ready for public view.

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03 – Creative Project: Step 4, Fail Again.

Another quick update. I had organised another model to help me with my creative project on Friday morning (16 May 2014) – the same way I had organised the shoot with the last model. On Thursday night, she has informed me that she “did her ankle” during her netball practice. Another no-go. Fortunately, she was very supportive in helping me find a replacement model for my creative project. She found a childhood friend of hers to help me who is wanting to try model. I never knew it was so difficult to find a size 8, Caucasian model with blonde hair. I have now organised the photoshoot to be on Tuesday (20 May 2014) morning at 9am. I am now just praying that everything will be happening and that the photograph will communicate what I wanted to communicate – the merging of cultures.

Already, I can see a potential problem with what I had envisioned originally: I realise that the skirt is fairly tight and long so it may not be handstand-friendly. I will definitely try to get my model to do a handstand of some sort however I think it will communicate the merging of culture just as well (if not better) if I get my model to pose in Javanese dancing poses.

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03 – Creative Project: Step 3, Fail.

A quick update on my creative project.

Of course this project couldn’t be as easy as I had planned it. My model had caught a bug and now I am back to non-organisation. So I failed my first attempt at doing this assignment. Hopefully she’ll get better really soon otherwise I’m going to have to scout for another model. Fast.

Wish me luck!

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03 – Creative Project: Step 2, organise!

Alas! I have my “crew”.

There are a lot of things to organise in a photoshoot: hair, makeup, wardrobe, time, place, equipment, etc. In order to organise this photoshoot, I used Facebook Messenger to communicate and discuss ideas with the model. This platform allows me to discuss, record and share information between us.

Time & Venue

I have organised for the shoot to happen at 3pm this Wednesday (7th of May 2014), at the photographic studio at the University to cut down on costs. Of course, I discussed the location with the model and she has agreed to it. I also made sure she knows how to get to the university to avoid delays, etc. Google Maps helped a lot. I can “pin” exactly where the visitors parking is at the university and send that pinned point to her via Facebook Messenger. How great is that?!

Hair & Makeup

I have decided, for this purpose to keep hair and make-up as simple and normal as possible. I want the final product to be a real mix between western and eastern. Therefore, I have decided to leave the decision of whether to get a hair and makeup artist(s) on board to the model.


The costume, as I have mentioned on my synopsis, is an Indonesian Kebaya. The one I will be using will be my own Kebaya. I have worn this before and I will have to make sure that everything is in its supposed & best conditions. I think I recall there is one button that needs resewing but I know for a fact that I have spares so I will fix that prior to the photoshoot. It has gone in my to-do-list.

Underneath the Kebaya, I have suggested for the model to wear black shorts and white tank top to avoid any “accidents” and to be more comfortable in general. Although it is a slightly awkward topic to bring up, this also makes changing in and out of the Kebaya easier rather than having to go to the bathroom, etc.


This is a photography project. A camera, the appropriate lens and memory card is essential. I have to remember to fully charge my batteries and pack the memory card – something often forgotten by photographers. Since I am shooting at the studio, I will also require a SKYPORT – a device that will allow me to trigger the studio lighting equipments. I have booked this to be picked up on Wednesday also before the photoshoot.


Since the shoot will require the model to do a handstand, I figured it’s best if there was an extra person there, to help her get in/out of the pose. I also thought that someone whom the model is familiar with would be better since they will have to help each other quite a bit. After discussing the matter with the model,. she has suggested for a friend of hers to come and help.


I think I have organised as much as I can for the photoshoot. Another thing I could do if I have some spare time between now and the photoshoot would be to find other posing and framing ideas. Maybe the idea will evolve into something bigger and better. Spontaneity anyone?

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Week 6: Creativity and Technology

It is no secret that the world have been shifted greatly due to technology. A few weeks ago I talked about the invention of street light and how that has influenced the world in more than realised by most people. Today, the most prominent life-changing technology is the digital technology. The creative world is no exception to those which are affected by this technology. Not only do cameras have now become digital, but online communities and services such as YouTube, Facebook, VIMEO, DeviantArt, SoundCloud and Kickstarter have changed the way creative individuals share their ideas, projects and products.

I can’t imagine doing analog photography as opposed to digital photography. I did this for a semester last year and I felt so wasteful. I was afraid of making shots and it was close to impossible to get immediate feedback on experiments. I felt that I learned slower. Where I think of improvement plans, I was not able to implement until a relatively long time compared to when I shoot digitally so I tend to forget to implement them.

Places such as YouTube, DeviantArt and other websites and forums have given me the opportunity to start and learn more about photography. The endless amounts of tutorials and how-to material is phenomenal. These type of material are easier to find and most cost next to nothing (aside from the internet fees itself) to access.

Amazon’s Kindle store and device have also assisted me a lot in my journey as a creative communicator & producer. Kindle have allowed me to carry multiple books in the one, relatively small and light device so I can read on the go. How does this help me as a creative producer? Reading on the go means I read more in general. What do I read? I read not only non-fiction books that might directly help me but also fiction books to stimulate my imagination. By using Amazon’s kindle, I also don’t have to go to the book stores (which we have a lack of in Perth now) to pick out the limited books they have there within their opening hours. I can search for books, read reviews of the books and buy the books anytime I want providing that I have internet connection.

The internet and technology have also provided me with the opportunity to publish my work online almost without the bottleneck of a curator. Of course websites such as Facebook have policies about nudity, etc. but other than that I can publish my work as much as I like to for no financial costs. This not only allow more exposure to my work but also I am able to network with different people with the same interests including models, hair and/or make-up artists, wardrobe stylists, other photographers as well as potential customers. This platform also provides me the ability to spread words to my friends and let them know what I’m up to and promote myself as a photographer.

The digital platforms have also heavily influenced my work. It makes me want to finish my work faster because the response of my projects are almost instantaneous when I do publish work online. I am less afraid of mistakes as taking a snap on my digital camera costs virtually nothing. I don’t have to worry about printing my work most of the time as my audiences primarily reach me through the internet. And I can work on things anytime I prefer, morning, day or night, and not have to worry about operating hours of darkrooms, printing services, etc.

I realise now that all that connects to Csikszentmihalyi’s (1996) creative flow elements.

Of course, other websites would help certain people more than others and the same platform my help different people in different ways but these are just some of the more influential platforms to me.

Aside from the learning and convenience aspect, technology opened up opportunities never before possible – reaching a global audience. Well, an extremely larger audience anyway. This rises up to a problem: copyright. Why?

  1. It’s so easy to copy the image and upload it somewhere else.
  2. Different copyright laws apply to different parts of the world
  3. The internet is so large and inclusive today that you’ll reach both the educated and the less educated people. Particularly in knowledge about copyright.

I’ll talk about this more in my next blog post which will be about Australian Copyright.



Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1996). The Flow of Creativity. Creativity: Flow and the psychology of discovery and invention (pp. 107-126). New York, NY: HarperCollins

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03 – Creative Project: Step 1, Find Collaboration Members

The first thing on the to do list is to find people to collaborate with me. The necessary person is obviously the model. As the look I’m going for is quite simple, I might not need to have a hair/make-up artist. Though this will be discussed with the model as she might prefer to have a hair/make-up artist on board.

This is the post I have been circulating on facebook today:

The Facebook Post

The Facebook Post

I am now waiting and sorting through people’s interests!

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